Public Speaking Under Pressure

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • apply quick and easy preparation methods whether you have one minute or one week to prepare
  • prepare for questions, even before you know what those questions will be
  • overcome nervousness, particularly if the group is not sympathetic to what you have to say
  • establish your credibility and get people on your side.
ES2318 Duration - 2 Days : Fee - $ 997.00 (CAD)
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If ever you must present to an audience that is intimidating, demanding or even hostile—this course is for you.
Speaking under pressure, or thinking on your feet, means being able to quickly organize your thoughts and ideas and convey them meaningfully to your audience while maintaining your composure and credibility. Whether you're giving a formal speech or an everyday presentation to management, you need presence of mind, keen judgement, the ability to adapt to changing priorities or mood, and an eye on the goal.

This course will help you learn to keep your cool and be prepared even when you have little or notice before presenting. You'll also learn how to stay brief and on-point when you are making a presentation, fielding difficult questions, or presenting complex information, and you'll get a chance to practice new presentation skills in a supportive environment.
Who should attend?

Anyone who makes presentations within or on behalf of their organization, particularly to demanding audiences. Also, teachers or any presenters who want to find their voice and improve their communication skills.

What topics are covered?

  • Seven easy ways to prepare for a presentation
Force Field Analysis
  • Techniques for analyzing opposing forces in a situation
Understanding Your Audience
  • A three-phase approach to understanding needs
  • Exploring common ground
  • Creating an audience profile
Controlling Your Jitters
  • How to make the most of stage fright
Making Your Listener Hear You
  • What turns listeners on and off
Key Theme
  • What is a key theme?
  • How to create a theme and distill it into a key sentence
Structuring Ideas
  • Using three key points for a presentation
  • Tips for sending a memorable message
Organization Methods
  • Ways to organize your information
Our Body Language
  • Positive and negative body messages
Beginnings and Endings
  • Creating strong beginnings and endings
Expanding a Basic Plan
  • Moving from small presentations to longer ones
  • Fleshing out the details