Speak, write, and present more clearly, concisely and powerfully.

Plain language is today's international standard for public and private sector business writing and speaking. It saves time and money. It makes your clients and readers trust you. It prevents mistakes and misunderstandings. But plain language involves much more than simply replacing a few big words. It's about everything from the words you choose to the way you present information visually.

Communicating clearly and concisely takes skill and practice to do well. It's a specialized skill that most people have never been taught, but are expected to deliver. Most job posters list strong communication skills among the top essential requirements for the position.

You can learn to be a clear, concise, persuasive and powerful communicator, whether the vehicle is a written proposal, a personal conversation or a presentation to your managers. Taught by seasoned professionals, our suite of Communications courses will help you gain credibility and influence as you master your writing, your voice and your body language.

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