DB2 Operations

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • Define the basic constructs and concepts of relational databases
  • Describe the fundamental components of DB2
  • Code basic SQL statements to access DB2 tables
  • Execute SQL statements using SPUFI under QMF
  • Create Application Plans using BIND under DB2I and in batch
  • Authorize users to access DB2 applications
  • Execute programs using DB2 in batch
  • Diagnose Authorization and Synchronization errors in DB2 application use
  • Issue appropriate DB2 commands
  • Describe the DB2 address spaces and interfaces
  • Execute DB2 utilities, including COPY, MERGECOPY, RECOVER, REORG, and RUNSTATS.
3 Days : Fee - $ 1,997.00 (CAD) :  ? Multi-seat - $ 1,347.00 (CAD)
Mon Apr 18, 2016
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Students who complete this course will learn the operational aspects of DB2 and how application programs access DB2 resources. They will also learn how to invoke DB2 utilities, issue appropriate commands, monitor the DB2 subsystem, and resolve operational problems.
Operational personnel who need to work with DB2 systems and who provide operational support for applications that make use of DB2.
The student should have experience using TSO/ISPF, and have an understanding of z/OS data set concepts.

Major topics covered

  • Relational data base concepts
  • DB2 concepts
  • DB2 address spaces
  • DB2 interfaces
  • DB2 objects
  • DB2 system catalog
  • DB2 commands
  • Security and Authorization
  • Locks
  • Problem diagnosis
  • DB2 utilities
  • DB2 logs
  • Batch processing methods
  • Threads
  • Monitoring performance
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