IB-Learning's database curriculum introduces you to the Structured Query Language of relational databases and then takes you beyond – into advanced SQL queries, designing data-based applications for peak performance and database administration.

You'll be comfortable with the common SQL syntax for all major databases and will also be able to adapt to the variations for found in Oracle, DB2, MySQL and SQL Server.

You'll have the benefit of real, hands-on experience in Oracle, DB2, MySQL and SQL Server as you create and query. For the more advanced, we offer courses on query tuning, database administration and building high-performance data-enabled applications.


The nice thing about our database and SQL curriculum is that we offer a mix of longer, comprehensive workshops and shorter, more specific workshops. Not only does this let you focus only on the aspects you need, it lets you fit your learning into a schedule that works for you. In other words, you can choose to eat the whole pie all at once, or cut the pie into pieces and eat either only the pieces you want or all of them, but spread out over a longer period.