DB2 and XML

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • Understand how XML data is stored in DB2
  • Retrieve and modify XML data using the XML-related built-in functions in DB2
  • Access and update XML data in application programs
  • Understand XPath expressions and how they can be used to access XML data in DB2
  • Define XML indexes that facilitate data retrieval
  • Understand how XML columns interact with DB2 utilities
  • Manipulate XML columns using the LOAD utility, the UNLOAD utility, and file reference variables
  • Understand and use XML schemas.
DB3010 Duration - 3 Days : Fee - $ 1,997.00 (CAD)
Wed Aug 19, 2015
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The student learns how DB2 has implemented the XML data type, and how to work with XML data in SQL and in application programs
Application programmers, database administrators, systems administrators, and systems programmers who will be involved in developing, maintaining, or enhancing systems that will use XML in DB2
The student should be knowledgeable of the features of the DB2 Data Base

Major topics covered

  • XML data type
  • XML catalog tables
  • XML functions for building XML documents
  • XML functions for accessing XML data
  • XPath expressions and functions
  • Working with XML data in application programs
  • XML and file reference variables
  • XML indexes and performance
  • DB2 utilities and XML
  • Using the UNLOAD utility with XML data
  • Using the LOAD utility with XML data
  • The DB2 XML schema repository
  • Stored procedures for managing the schema repository
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