DB2/CICS Interface

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • Describe the nature of the CICS / DB2 Interface
  • Discuss the impact of using DB2 access in the CICS application environment
  • Prepare DB2 / CICS programs for execution
  • Administer the CICS Attachment Facility
  • Use specific CICS programming techniques to optimize the use of system resources with respect to DB2
  • Understand the nature and function of the DB2CONN, DB2ENTRY, and DB2TRAN CICS resources for DB2
  • Develop CICS programs that are compatible with concurrently executing batch programs that share DB2 data.
2 Days : Fee - $ 1,397.00 (CAD) :  ? Multi-seat - $ 897.00 (CAD)
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Students who complete this course will be able to code SQL statements to access DB2 objects in CICS pseudo-conversational programs.
The student also learns the performance tradeoffs inherent in specific design alternatives, and how to administer the DB2/CICS attachment facility
Experienced CICS or DB2 application programmers who need to work with DB2 data in CICS, or technical support staff who need to understand the ways in which DB2 and CICS work together.

The student should have experience in using ISPF/PDF, CICS, DB2, SQL, and SPUFI.

Major topics covered?

  • Cursors
  • Pseudo-conversational programming
  • Units of work
  • Scrolling data
  • Updating data
  • DB2 and CICS logging
  • Referential integrity issues
  • Two-phase commit
  • Application plans
  • BIND options
  • Plan exits
  • Plan maintenance
  • Threads
  • DB2CONN, DB2ENTRY, and DB2TRAN definition
  • DSNC command
  • Administrative issues
  • Batch concurrency
  • DB2 and CICS security
  • Authorization exits
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