Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cancel courses like other training companies do if you don't get enough registrations?

IB Learning provides regular pricing for classes which means that if you register at that price, the class is guaranteed to run. Some other organizations may advertise the same policy or set the enrolment level very low. However, check their real guarantee and verify that you will not be switched to a virtual or blended offering instead.

For some classes, a deeply discounted and minimum enrollment pricing may also be offered. Call for more details on how this works.

Can you help me with my learning objectives so I know what courses to take? Do you just provide training, or do you offer other services?

We've been training since 1989 and have often advised individuals and organizations on learning plans best suited for them. Our curriculum road maps attest to this. We've often put together customized training sessions and programs for individuals and organizations with specific needs.

In fact, as adaptive trainers, we always assess our students' needs and learning styles as we deliver the course and adjust when needed, and we can also provide this as a specific service on demand.

I took a course a while back and would like a refresher for it. What are my options?

You can retake the whole course or any portion of it, free. We believe that you didn't just pay to take a course once; you invested your time and money to obtain skills and experience. We set up all our courses that way, and we offer all our students free retakes for life. Not for a year, not for six months, but for the rest of your life. Just contact us and let us know you'd like to redo the course, and we'll work it out.

How do I register for a course? How do I know if a course is available?

We've provided a "Register" hyperlink next to each course title for classes that are scheduled to run. You can find it to the right of each course included in and of the schedule lists provided. If no dates are scheduled, just contact us and we'll see what we can set up for you!

Once you submit a registration request, we'll contact you to confirm your details.

How can I get more information on a course?

If you need more information than what we've provided on the course description page, give us a call or contact us. We'll have the course instructor call or email you to answer your questions.

I don't see a course scheduled when I need it, or in the city where I'd like to take it. What do I do?

Call us! We specialize in being adaptable and flexible. If we can arrange the location, instructor and materials for a class for you, we will.

What payment options do I have?

We accept Visa and Mastercard. If your financial institution has vendor payment options, we can give you the information you need for that, too. Of course, our many major corporate clients also have standing arrangements and contracts with us, through which we offer standard billing and terms. Call us to discuss.

Are any professional affiliations associated with IB Learning courses?

Yes. We are a proud member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and most of our Business Analysis courses are rated for CDU and PDU through the IIBA's arrangement with PM associations.

What do I do if I have a problem while a course is running?

No problem! Call us at (855) 744-7441 or the local number for the city where your class is being run, which you can find by clicking the city name at the top of each page on our site. You can also email us at , or simply use the "Contact the Registrar" form on this page.

One of the benefits of our free retake policy is that you'll never have to suffer in a class if you get sick or have a personal issue come up. Stay home, get better, take care of things and just take the course when you are ready!

Why IB Learning?
Established in 1989, IB-Learning provides technical and business skills training for an evolving workforce.
Our classroom or yours
IB-Learning courses are instructor-led classes live and online. Available as public classes, or can be delivered wherever and whenever you need them. You have the flexibility to train just one person or the whole team. Have a team that simply can't get away for a couple of days? Let us know and we'll help you find the in-house, our house or blended learning solution that's right for you.
Materials production
We author our own course manuals and have them produced locally. We are ready for large or small classes on short notice, and we can respond quickly to course updates and customization.
IIBA Endorsed Education Provider
We provide IIBA Endorsed business analysis training which counts towards your certification and renewals.