VSAM for COBOL Programmers

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • Create and delete VSAM data sets, using Access Method Services (AMS)
  • Load VSAM data sets, using AMS REPRO or COBOL programs
  • Use the AMS PRINT command to list all or parts of a VSAM data set,
    and the AMS LISTCAT command to list all or part of a VSAM catalog
  • Use COBOL programs to process VSAM data sets
  • Create and use VSAM alternate indexes and paths.
2 Days : Fee - $ 1,397.00 (CAD) :  ? Multi-seat - $ 897.00 (CAD)
Thu May 5, 2016
Thu Jun 9, 2016
Thu Jul 14, 2016
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Students who complete this course will be able to define, load, print, and delete VSAM data sets, and to process VSAM data sets from COBOL programs.
COBOL programmers who need to work with VSAM data sets, both from an AMS (Access Method Services) perspective, and from COBOL programs.
The student should be able to code a COBOL program and be able to code JCL to run simple batch jobs.

What topics are covered?

  • z/Architecture overview
  • VSAM concepts and terms
  • Access Method Services Commands
  • COBOL interfaces to VSAM data
  • File status checking
  • Alternate indexes
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