Meet our instructors

Sylvie Thériault

Sylvie ThériaultSylvie Thériault - President and Instructor

Sylvie's extensive knowledge combined with her boundless energy and enthusiasm makes every class she teaches a winner. Sylvie has spent more than 35 years working with, developing software for and training others to use some of the world’s biggest mainframe systems. She is an expert in CICS, JCL, COBOL and Compuware tools. Certified as a Software Testing Engineer in 2003, Sylvie has a wealth of experience and outstanding skills in system debugging and software quality analysis.

In her spare time, Sylvie has toured internationally with the Headwaters Concert Choir, who were invited to sing at the Haydn Festival in 2008, the Remembrance of the Liberation of Versailles in 2010, and for Pope Benedict XVI in 2012. She is past-president of the GTA Alumnae Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta.

Sylvie is fully bilingual and readily adapts her mode of instruction to suite the needs of bilingual, francophone, anglophone and allophone students.



William Petrie

William (Bill) Petrie, Vice President and Instructor

Bill is an Information System professional with over 25 years experience across a broad range of industries and technologies. He brings to his assignments an in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of software development platforms.

As an accomplished software architect, business analyst and project leader, his recent assignments have included business process modeling, systems architecture design and technical training.

Armed with excellent communication skills, focus and a brilliant sense of humour, Bill delivers classes that are fast-paced and exciting. And a good thing too, because his stand-up comedy training with Second City and his showtime past as an R&B singer mean people usually expect nothing but the best from this all-round performer.




Anne-Marie Rozsa

Anne-Marie Rozsa, Instructor

Anne-Marie is a recently retired Compliance Manager with more than 30 years of experience working in IT for a multi-national company. She started her career as a lowly programmer and quickly moved up to business analyst and support manager. A specialist in user training and building customer relationships, Anne-Marie is a natural fit in the classroom: “Teaching lets me keep doing the work I love while staying up to date with business trends.”

Anne-Marie is fluently bilingual in French and English.






Arnold Wytenburg

Arnold Wytenburg, Instructor

Arnold Wytenburg is an active technology business advisor, educator and investor. Arnold’s consulting and entrepreneurial experience over the past three decades includes numerous government organizations and large and small businesses in more than a dozen industries in North America, Europe, and the UK.

He has studied media, culture, and human/computer interaction at the University of Toronto, law at Carleton University in Ottawa, information sciences, finance, and economics at Algonquin College, also in Ottawa, and fine arts at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. From 1999 to 2007, he was a research fellow with the US-based Institute for Studies in Coherence and Emergence (ISCE), focusing on practical applications of complexity and chaos theories.

He was noted by the Toronto Star in 2004 as “bringing a new way of thinking to business” and has been teaching a hands-on course in technology entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto’s Computing Science Department since 2005.

Arnold is also a contributor to several popular business books, including Business Model Generation by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, and McLuhan for Managers by Derek De Kerckhove and Mark Federman.

Conrad Fujimoto

Conrad Fujimoto, Instructor

Conrad is a highly experienced Information Technology professional with 40 years in the industry, working in the education, government, financial and utility sectors. An accomplished instructor, Conrad has been writing and delivering training to public and private sector clients for over 12 years. He's taught many subjects, including mainframe systems, SQL and relational database technology, software quality assurance, application programming, business analysis and facilitation techniques.

Training co-ordinators and students frequently ask for Conrad by name as their instructor of choice. He has recently received his ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Level Certification.

Alain Archambault

Alain Archambault, Instructor

Alain always has a big smile and a huge laugh at the ready. He also happens to have extensive knowledge of a wide range of business and technology tools, after more than 17 years as a programmer analyst, applications developer, database designer and IT solutions specialist. He’s worked with Nortel Networks, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup and the federal government, and he knows the public and private sector work environment from the inside out.

When he's not teaching, Alain stays busy as a consultant. He helps businesses find and implement time- and cost-saving technology, which keeps him always on the leading edge of current applications and tools.

Alain is fluently bilingual in French and English.




Rick Worsnop

Rick Worsnop, Instructor

Rick, a seasoned IT professional with more than 25 years experience, is one of our most sought-after Software Testing instructors. After working as an actor, a pizza cook and a rock star, Rick finally found his niche: crawling under floors to hook up mainframes for IBM. The need for more sunlight drove him to surface and join Sybase's tech support group, where he taught PowerBuilder, Java and SQL Server to tech support staff throughout North America and Europe. That's when he decided that teaching was a heckuva lot more fun than working for a living, and he hasn't looked back.

With over 15 years as a corporate educator under his belt, Rick spends his downtime in Vancouver, cycling, back-country camping and playing his piano.