Advanced ISPF in z/OS

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • tailor the status area on the Primary Menu panel
  • work with commands for nesting, multiple levels of ISPF services and use NRETRIEV
  • use the more advanced locate features of option 3.4 (DSLIST)
  • use the edit COMPARE command
  • use the DISPLAY and FIND commands to work with ASCII, Unicode UTF-8, -16 and -32
  • create and invoke basic edit macros that require arguments
  • use the DDLIST command to examine allocated datasets as well as finding 'file contention' users
1 Day : Fee - $ 697.00 (CAD) :  ? Multi-seat - $ 497.00 (CAD)
Fri Mar 4, 2016
Mon Mar 28, 2016
Mon May 2, 2016
Mon Jun 6, 2016
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Students who complete this course will be able to accomplish work using TSO/ISPF more effectively than before due to understanding: ISPF facilities for tailoring, keeping track of appointments, DSLIST capabilities, edit macros, and DDLIST.
Any prerequisites?
Experience using ISPF such as provided in the course

What Topics Are Covered?

Advanced ISPF - Introduction
  • ISPF status area
  • ISPF appointment calendar
  • ISPF SAREA command
ISPF Commands
  • Command nesting
  • The START command
  • The ISPFVAR command
  • Cursor related commands
  • The NRETRIEV command
A Deeper Look at DSLIST
  • Option 3.4: Data Set List Does It All
  • Member List example
  • Running commands on entries in the dataset list
  • DSLIST primary commands: Append, Member, Srchfor, Save
  • Member list commands, including FILTER
The Edit COMPARE command
  • The Search and Compare Dialogs (3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15)
  • Options and Process Statements
  • Search
Browse enhancements
  • The DISPLAY command
  • FIND command under Browse
  • Working with ASCII data in Edit and View
An Introduction to Edit Macros
  • Edit Macros - What Are They?
  • Programming edit macros
  • Running edit macros
  • Passing parameters
  • The Initial macro
  • The DDLIST Facility
  • Find a Member
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