Developing Dialog Manager Applications in z/OS

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • Create REXX or CLIST applications using Dialog Manager services for the TSO environment
  • Use panel language to display, accept, and process data in dialog variables
  • Provide diagnostic and help messages, menus, ISPF tables, pop-up windows, action bars, and keylists
  • Use PDF Browse and edit services, ISPF Library Access services and ISPF File Tailoring
  • Use the dialog test and trace services to debug an application in development
5 Days : Fee - $ 2,947.00 (CAD) :  ? Multi-seat - $ 1,997.00 (CAD)
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Students who complete this course will be able to build and maintain applications based on IBM's z/OS Dialog Manager (ISPF).
Applications and systems programmers, who need to know how to create, maintain, and support Dialog Manager applications.
Any prerequisites?
Students should have experience in using ISPF/PDF, especially the editor, and in coding either TSO REXX execs or TSO CLISTs.}
Applicable prerequisite courses or equivalent are :

Major topics covered?

  • Dialog variables and variable pools, including variables services
  • System symbols
  • Panel definition language and panel processing logic
  • LIBDEF service
  • DISPLAY service
  • Message services
  • Library Access services (LM...)
  • Pop-up windows
  • Scrollable fields
  • SELECT service and menus
  • Dialog Test
  • CONTROL services
  • Browse, Edit, and View interfaces
  • Help panels and tutorial services
  • ISPF tables and table services
  • ISPF table display services
  • ISPF Table Utility
  • File tailoring services and skeletons
  • Obtaining data set information
  • Command tables and user-written commands
  • Introduction to CUA (Common User Access) standards
  • Creating and using action bars
  • Introduction to Dialog Tag Language (DTL)
  • Creating keylists using DTL
  • Installing ISPF applications
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