UX Persona Workshop

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • create effective personas based upon realistic users
  • build believable personas that designers relate to
  • assess, adapt and nurture personas as needed
A persona is an avatar designed to reflect your users in as many aspects as possible without becoming unconvincing. This workshop guides students through a process that will help create not only believable personas but ones that can be used effectively in information product development projects.
Who should attend?

Anyone who wishes to become a UX designer. Someone who is part of a team that is working on developing a product where UX principles are applied.

Any prerequisites?

A good social understanding of potential users will be helpful.

Dates and Fees

1 Day   ? - $ 597 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 1,197 6 - $ 1,797    ? Plus - $ 197
Sorry, no classes are currently scheduled
Contact us to arrange your preferred location and date

What Topics are covered?

Introduction to Personas
  • What is a persona
  • Where to get persona info
  • How to describe a persona
  • Why are personas used
  • How are personas used
Step by Step to Start a Persona
  • Creating the simplest persona
  • Adding details
  • Mottos
  • Taglines
  • Sanity check
Personas in Depth
  • Capabilities and limitations
  • Likes, dislikes and social ties
  • Empathy map
  • Essay
  • Narrative
Nurturing, Issues and Usage
  • Assessing the design
  • Development and maintenance
  • Avoiding muddying
  • Avoiding confusion
  • Exposure and permanence
  • Vary the tagline
  • Clarify and communicate
  • Don't bury your personas

Competency Assessment and Certificate

At the request of the person booking, a technical competency assessment will be conducted with the student.
This assessment will be a combination of written and multiple choice questions as well as specific coding tests.
Upon a minimum pass rate of 85%, students will receive a Certificate of Competency instead of the standard certificate of course completion.
Please Contact us for more details or specific needs.