UX Quality Assurance Workshop

Why take this course?

After completing this course, you will be able to
  • assess UX design with regards to usability and functionality
  • make decisions about test planning, test design, test execution and validation
  • recognize the purpose of certain testing methods and their application
  • properly validate results with user needs and make appropriate changes
This course prepares the student to properly test their design. It provides the basics of test planning, design, development, and execution/validation with respect to UX design.
Who should attend?
Any one who wishes to become a UX designer. Those who are part of a team that is working on developing a product where UX principles are applied and are participating in the testing of the UX design.
Any prerequisites?
Having some knowledge about testing and development life cycles is helpful but not essential.

Dates and Fees

1 Day   ? - $ 597 (CAD)  ? Up to 3 - $ 1,197 6 - $ 1,797    ? Plus - $ 197
Sorry, no classes are currently scheduled
Contact us to arrange your preferred location and date

What Topics are covered?

The Testing Process
  • Testing concepts
  • Development models
  • Facts about defects
  • Static testing vs. execution testing
  • Objectives of static testing
  • Static testing techniques
Test Planning
  • Writing a test plan
  • Inputs to the test plan
  • Deciding on a test strategy
  • Stating the objectives
  • Who should participate
  • Showing traceability to the user needs
  • Estimation of effort
  • Reviewing the test plan
Test Design
  • Tenets of UX
  • Test design techniques
  • Testing functionality
  • Testing usability
  • Writing test scenarios
  • Reviewing test scenarios
Test Execution and Validation
  • Setting up an environment for the users
  • Stating your testing objectives to the users
  • Describing what is being tested
  • Getting feedback from the users
  • Assessing the results

Competency Assessment and Certificate

At the request of the person booking, a technical competency assessment will be conducted with the student.
This assessment will be a combination of written and multiple choice questions as well as specific coding tests.
Upon a minimum pass rate of 85%, students will receive a Certificate of Competency instead of the standard certificate of course completion.
Please Contact us for more details or specific needs.